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Rocko-Doodle-Doo-Dingy by Rokku-RockMan Rocko-Doodle-Doo-Dingy :iconrokku-rockman:Rokku-RockMan 4 2 Rock by Rokku-RockMan Rock :iconrokku-rockman:Rokku-RockMan 13 7
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{{This is Megaman, though he prefers being called Rock when he not out stopping Dr Wily taking over the world.
Rock has blue eyes with brown hair and is built to work like a ten year old boy, When he's not out stopping Dr Wily Rock often likes to play football or go out somewhere with Rush, His pet dog he also has a sister called Roll, who often tags along with him.}}

{{Rock's personality seems to stem from his creator, Dr. Light, whose intention may have been to design Rock based on his own interpretation of a real boy as if it were his very own son. Rock is extremely courageous, generous and polite, but this can lead to people using Rock's kindness to their advantage, because he is so naive. He can be gullible too and gets tricked too easily, especially by Wily who uses Rock's forgiving personality to escape}}

Good Point: Strong sense of justice
Bad Point: Careless
Like: Animals
Dislike: Things that disturb peace

A.I. age: Around 10 years old
Height: 132 cm (4'4")
Weight: 105 kg (230 lbs)
Energy: Solar energy
Material: Ceramic titanium alloy
Maximum output: 1500PS/1200rpm
Maximum torque: 220 kg-m/8500rpm

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Rokku-RockMan's Profile Picture
Hi I'm Rock, Known as Rockman or Megaman, which ever one you prefer. I'm a robot created by Dr Light to be a lab assistant, Until Wily wanted to take over the world with my brothers that he stole, I stood up and asked Dr Light if I can be changed into a fighting robot. Wily then started to make and steal more robots countless times, It was up to me to stop him!
But... it's been a while since his last attack, I hope everyone is doing okay. Maybe I could find some robot masters and check out how they're doing.


|| Overwhelmed | Emotional | Friendly | Energetic | Peaceful | Cocky | Sexual | Lazy | Pissed | Love struck | Hyper | Excited | Happy | Calm | Bored | Hostile | Pissed | Angry | Upset | Mixed Emotions | Neutral | Sleepy | Nostalgic | Uncomfortable | Confused | Sad | Distraught | Insecure | Crying | Jumpy | Anxious | Frightened | Content | Shy | Anti-social | Lonely | Pained | Hurt | Scared ||

:bulletblue:Physical Status::bulletblue:
|| Perfectly fine | In Good Shape | Great | Okay | Getting Better | Getting Worse | Aching | Burns | Bruised | Small wounds | Severely Wounded | Hospitalized | Recovering | Virus | Paralyzed | Broken Parts | Dying | Shot | Stabbed | Attacked ||

:bulletblue:Mental Status::bulletblue:
|| Perfectly Fine | Fine | So-So | Paranoia | Intense Paranoia | Delusional | Lost Touch With Reality | Amnesia | Re-living Traumatic Event | Suicidal | Hearing Things | Getting Better | Getting Worse | Depression | Losing It | Lost It | Psychopathic rage | Seeing Things ||



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BlueStarandBlackShot Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017  Professional General Artist
Sonic & his new custom-made NetNavi, by Tails & Dr. Light, were looking for the original MegaMan--DLN-001 Rock Light. "Rock?" Sonic says.
Rokku-RockMan Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017
-Rock turns his attention to him-
-he smiles at him-
BlueStarandBlackShot Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017  Professional General Artist
"'Sup? Haven't seen you since the tournament! How are you, Super Android?" Sonic says. As he looked at MegaMan, his armor seemed to be in peak physical condition.
Spirito666 Featured By Owner May 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rokku...... :0
Rokku-RockMan Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017
DeleteVirusCatchPKMN Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
*Crasher ran towards Rock*
Rokku-RockMan Featured By Owner May 4, 2017
DeleteVirusCatchPKMN Featured By Owner May 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Crash: Rocky!! *hugs*
Rokku-RockMan Featured By Owner May 4, 2017
-Rock blinks in confusion and takes a while to register what was happening-
C-Crash!? What's This??
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P-rotoman Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
Blues kinda just leaned on Rock quietly looking at the Smash Bros invite that the Blue Bomber had received in interest as he smirked "look at you in a fighting tournament" he spoke "sure you can handle it?" He asked
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